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Welcome to Pennefeather Editorial Services! I’m your host, Shannon Pennefeather, offering freelance editing from my home office in St. Paul, Minnesota.


As a project editor who’s been in the book business since I found my calling just out of grad school, I’ve assisted with text at every level, from developmental editing to copyediting to proofreading. My goal is to produce clear text that appeals to your intended readers. Let me help you with your essay, report, or book—together we’ll put your best words forward.


My experience comes from more than a decade with the Minnesota Historical Society Press. For the press, I’ve shepherded projects from proposal through the editorial process, improving the text, supervising corrections, fact checking, and assisting with illustration research. My specialties include academic studies, cookbooks, and image-rich works. I also work regularly for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, proofreading Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine. And as a freelancer I’ve been involved in projects ranging from legislative reports to family histories to memoirs to novels. My skills lie in issues of consistency, particularly when editing bibliographies and endnotes, and in pitching text to clearly defined audiences.


My editorial radar is always on, whether I’m picking up tips from Grammar Girl or thinking of ways a billboard might display a more coherent message. Let me put this passion for the printed word to work for you.

Shannon M. Pennefeather
651.334.5706 or